Saturday, February 12, 2011

super bowl fun

Liam and I spent Super Bowl weekend with my sister. We also got some good hang-out time in with my sister's bf, my cousin, her husband, and their sweet little man. Lots o' good food and fun!

Speaking of food, my sister and cousin recently started up a food blog. It's so charming and definitely worth a look! You can take a gander at the potato skins that they made for the big game. Delicious!

I was really excited for the Super Bowl. I've been a Green Bay Packers fan for about 13 years. It all began when I got a sweatshirt in Green Bay on family vacation because it was really chilly, and we didn't have heavy jackets with us. I've been a fan ever since. I wore that same sweatshirt to cheer on the Packers for Super XLV.

I became a more devoted Packers fan when K-State's own Jordy Nelson was drafted by the Packers. The Super Bowl Party crowd consisted of all K-State grads. Needless to say, we were so proud of his landmark performance!

See that little guy getting a taste of the potato skins? He's an avid reader of fine cookbooks.

Sometimes he even pulls out his glasses to take a closer look.

He's also a serious fan of self-portraits. So much so that we took 20 self-portraits without one smile from him. All the while, he asked for more by tapping his sweet, little fingers together after each one. He loved seeing himself in each picture along the way!

His lovely mamma even got in on a self-portrait photo op!

Before the end of the night, there was some barnyard play - complete with a charming smile.

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